About CValue

Our customers are large international companies located all over the globe. We use our long experience, proven methodology, skilled people, and powerful tools to deliver cost transparency, cost allocation, savings and long term cost control from the very start of our engagements. A CValue engagement is always profitable for our customers. We work with customers of all cost control maturity levels. It is never too early or too late to engage us.

Why CValue?

* Always profitable - nothing to lose but unnecessary costs
* Full service concept – everything is included, quick and easy to execute
* Long term cost control and immediate savings – save now and tomorrow
* Proven methodology and processes – results guaranteed
* Experienced and skilled people – the key to successful results
* Unique tools – take cost control to the next level

Quick answers

Is it a large engagement for the customer?

Not at all, our full service concept and our processes are designed to make it easy for our customers to get started. Only a few hours of our customers’ time are needed to increase cost control and realize savings.

Will it take long time before I can see savings?

No, we work in short cycles with quick visible results. You will see results almost immediately.

Is it costly?

No, you will save money. Always. The real cost is to not engage CValue. A CValue engagement is always profitable which in fact means that you are losing money not working with us. When do you want to stop your unnecessary costs?

But we already have a tool/program in place for cost control…

Great! Then we can take you to the next level. We have made large savings and improved control and transparency where cost control initiatives already have been carried out. We integrate and build on what you already have. Your maturity level will determine our way forward.

Your benefits

Our Tools

We have developed our powerful tools with focus on transparency, simplicity and ease of use. Again our philosophy, “minimum customer effort –maximum customer value” is very true even here. The purpose of the tools is to drive cost control and savings actively and to increase transparency and awareness.  No one else on the market can offer you these tools, and they are an integral part of the service so there is no need to buy any licenses, do any installations or maintenance. Everything, including support, is included.

Our Processes

Our processes drastically minimize the effort and time our customers need to invest. It is a true time saver for our customers and it makes it easy to start realizing savings.  We work with templates, customizable standard communications, shared teams and resource pools to make the delivery of our service as efficient and effective as possible. Our focus is quick results with long term cost control.    As part of our full service concept we work with analysis, actively supported clean up, information, awareness, incentives, lowering the thresholds for being cost conscious, changed end user behavior, continuous improvement, and identification and elimination of sources of unneeded costs

Our People

Our people have extensive experience from the IT industry and long experience of IT cost savings and control, process improvement and development, change management, system development and end user training.